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The finest cannabis So-Cal has to offer. New flowers weekly, delivered in 60 mins or less. Large menu + exceptional customer service. 25% off first order.
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Marijuana on demand

You ever wonder what it would be like to order marijuana online and have it dropped off to you within an hour? Welcome to Chula Vista Marijuana… the only delivery service worth using in CV.


Whether you…

Medicate for recreation

While recreational marijuana users have historically received a bad wrap, with the passage of prop. 64 – the people have spoken. Marijuana has many non-medical benefits including to help unlock your creativity, getting closer with family and friends, enjoying the small things life has to offer, understanding things from a different perspective, or to tickle your senses.

Medicate to relieve pain

Some doctors may recommend marijuana primarily for relief from the symptoms of disease rather than as a cure. Some of these conditions may include: Glaucoma, neuropathy, nausea, muscular spasticity and limb pain, and as an appetite stimulant – but marijuana can be used to treat several other conditions such as anxiety and ADHD

Let us make life easier

With our…
Extensive menu

Our menu is huge. Every need, desire, and budget can be accommodated here at CV Marijuana.

Real-time inventory

Our inventory is as live as the evening news. If you see it on our site, we have it in stock.

Daily deals

In addition to our everyday low prices – we also have daily deals. We like to take care of our patients.


We offer senior citizen, veteran, and disability discounts. Just ask.

Top shelf flowers

We provide a wide-range of products

We understand our patients are diverse and so are their needs. Because of this, we try to keep many different items in stock.

Different strains

With new flowers making their way to our shelves weekly – we try to accommodate various needs and desired medication strengths.

Kinds of edibles

Some people do not like to smoke – for them we have a wide array of edible choices from cookies, to gum, to juice and everything in between.

Different cartridges

The ever expanding world of vape cartridges and their desired effects allows us to carry several brands and keep up with new developments within the industry.

CBD & tinctures

For those who do not like the psychoactive affects caused by THC, we have a growing selection of CBD products. These products help soothe nagging pains so you can go on about your day.

Trending Products

Give us a ring..

Office: (619) 268-6658